MindMap Revisions: or, What Went Away?


I didn’t redo my mindmap much, if we’re being honest.  This isn’t because I think it’s perfect – though it’s not laziness, either – but rather because I think the enterprise of the mindmap has an inertia which at this point precludes the possibility of broad revision.

What I did change was to delete the things that were not present within the “reality” of where we’d ended up in network theories of rhetoric – the presence of the rhetor, of the rhetorical situation, of audience, discourse, or exigency.


I did make a few minor changes besides this elision of the rhetorical context – namely, I’ve separated Moderate Expressivism out of Current Traditionalism, which I rescued from its isolation up top after the removal of rhetoric for the rhetorical network.

I want to return to this, but it’s not precisely as clear as I’d like within the model represented here.  I’ll speak more to this in my recap for Case Study #3.


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