Popplet Week 15 – Situating Ambient Rhetoric?

MM Networks W16



Last week’s content on Network society connects directly to my nodes this week for Rickert and Ambient Rhetoric.  In my Reading Connections, I spoke to my concerns about the disconnect between the ambience of post-modernity and the “legitimate” historical purposes of rhetoric.  However, in the Popplet Mindmap, I am focusing more on the discrete elements of the theory itself.

As such, I have added Ambient Rhetoric, which I connected to both Network Society and by extension its situated capitalist concerns.  I have also connected Ambient Rhetoric to Rickert himself, whose theoretical practices I have also connected to ANT, Theories of Practice, Cultural Contexts, and Society as general concerns and informing theories.

I additionally connected the core elements of ambience to the theory itself – Chora tied to the notion of connection as well as Dwelling, and Attunement tied to Kairos.  Finally, I also added the notion of the “Ambient Age” within Rickert’s arguments, which I have connected specifically to the concept of Dwelling as connected to Chora (signifying in part my general criticism of the notion that we currently exist in a new Ambient Age, rather than all ages being effectively Ambient in practice.)



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