Popplet Week 14 – Dealing with Network Society

MM Networks W15


This week, I’m still suffering to connect concepts of Network Society to the greater concepts of the course, except in part through the more broad concern of how technoscientism, technopostivism, and “the Leviathan” might be present in the concept of Network Society as contextualized in Manuel Castells (see combined Reading Connections for weeks 12 & 13).

As such, this week I have added Castells, Network Society, Capitalism, and Economics.  According to my previous color scheme, I have indicated that Economics functions as a field of study or discourse community which deals with the theoretical frame of “capitalism” as a point of connection to Castells’ Network Society.

That said, I didn’t want to directly source Castells’ work to the whole of Network Society, especially when he is not the originating theorist of the field.  To this end, I’ve added sociologist Jan van Dijk and connected Castells to both van Dijk and the field of study – as well as the general practice of sociology.

Finally, in addressing criticism that I reviewed in part for my Castells Reading Connections, I have added “social justice activism as theory foundation,” which I hope helps to maintain a mindfulness of criticism of Guattarian and Network Society practices of presuming that certain functions of capital are inherently negative, non-productive, and oppressive.  In rationalist and Cynical frameworks for understanding interpretations of ideology, it may be important to remember the ideologies which drive such interrogations.


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