Case Study #2 – Outline

Applying CHAT and Hypertext to student UI/UX interactions in Blackboard Learn

  • CHAT – Prior and the tracing impulse of challenge-based exigency
    • application of cultural-historic analysis practices for action based upon evolution of Blackboard over time
      • Spoiler – Blackboard has not changed over time.
    • Exploration of cultural/economic/institutional contexts as tied to the UI experience – consideration of ways in which institution- and program-centric “modules” drive learning experience and express pedagogical and epistemological ethos (e.g. presence of TurnItIn functionality within submission processes.)
  • Hypertext – Expanding upon questions of hypertextuality raised in Johnson-Eilola, consider how community is expressed and built through connectivity – and how the directive connectivity of BBL fosters – and hinders – that connectivity (and by extension, the sense of community.)
    • Considering Johnson-Eilola’s community arguments, explore the rhetorical force of the UI as a commentary on mentor/student relationship
      • questions of absence, absenteeism, inaccessibility, dehumanization, isolation, and alienation – as well as professionalization and standardization
    • From here, consider Joyce’s more “poetic” arguments about the ways in which hypertextuality might allow students to express creativity; then, consider the ways in which BBL is designed to prevent this in a hypertextual space.

One thought on “Case Study #2 – Outline

  1. I’m glad you are taking up CHAT to use. I think it is has the drawbacks we discussed, but is not without potential. I see that your use of hypertext is likely to point out what issues or opportunities are missed in the development of BB interface. This should be productive and a nice counterbalance to the technologically deterministic/happy dance narratives that so often surrounds the use of technology in our classrooms. I look forward to your identifications of limitations for each of these theories.


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